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Your sibling was kidnapped by Murkrows! Are you a bad enough dude to rescue him?

This is a "souls-like" (lol), combat-focused Pokémon fangame, it features lots of enemies with complex behaviours and challenging boss fights.

This was initially just something I was making to test out Pixel Game Maker MV, but it ended up becoming a full game, so I might as well release it. That being said, I loved developing this game and I might make a more refined sequel if people like this one.

ALL of the awesome Pokémon sprites used in this game were created by JoshRR691, who kindly blessed the release of this project, so I encourage everyone to check him out on Twitter, DeviantART and Youtube.

Also, if you want to get in touch with me, the best way to do so is on my Twitter.

Any donations in this tough time are highly appreciated, and thanks very much for checking out my game.



- Jump: A

- Scratch: B

- Ember: X

- Double Team: R2/L2

- Eat Berry: R1

- Rest at bonfire: Y


- Jump: Z

- Scratch: X

- Ember: C

- Double Team: A/S

- Eat Berry: D

- Rest at bonfire: V

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
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Authorgranola boy
TagsMetroidvania, pokemon, Souls-like


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I love this game but somehow I can't get past the big Beedrill. I beat it but the "doors" don't disappeared. At first I thought it was the file so I erased it and downloaded it a second time. But my second run ended the same way. Then I thought it was my fault because I exploited the berries and I had 4 or 5 for Beedrill in my 2 runs (normally you have only 2 at this stage). So I began a third run, trying to avoid any bugs, even minor. But sadly it ended the same way again. I'm not afraid to do a 4th run but I really don't know what I can do to overtake these Beedril gates and enjoy the rest of the game that seems amazing. If you have an idea, i would love to hear it !

Hey friend, I've checked out the Beedrill fight and there was indeed a bug there that prevented the fog walls from disappearing, I uploaded a fixed version to this page, thank you so much for reporting!

It means I lot to me that you played and liked my game, I love you

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Wow thank you so much, I'm so glad I can now play the rest of the game ! 

And I played  and liked all your games and will continue to follow your work because all of them have great concept and I loved the art and the vibe. I wish you great success !

game freak could learn a lesson or two with this game

I liked this game as much as i died in it. 10/10

i hate hugs now

This game is great, it made me test my skills in a very well crafted pokemon game. It's challenging yet fun, and the animations are amazing. I recommend!